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About the Founder

The Founder and Her GrandsonHello! I am the founder of i heart seeds and the cute little guy next to me is my grandson when he graduated Pre K.

I am a very busy woman and I wear many hats. The time of year often determines which hat I wear the most.

My favorite hats are wife, mother and grandmother.

The job I have for income is as an Administrative Assistant to a Director of Evironmental Health & Safety for a very large company that has many facilities across the United States.

I still work as a tax Professional, but only on Sundays.

I also do graphic and web design, when I have the time. That's why this site is slowly being built and updated. If you notice lorem ipsum text on any pages I have not been hacked. It is latin filler text to show how a page will look when the actual text is added.

I have a volunteer job as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children). I refer to this job as "My Calling". I absolutely love this job and find it rewarding helping children in need. While it is extremely sad that there is a need for this type of job I am honored to serve children and families in my community in this capacity.

My Daughter, Grandkids and dahlias I grow!I really enjoy gardening. I have a strawberry patch as well as a vegetable garden. Each year I seem to add more flower beds or another area for fruits or vegetables. In 2022 I added a 25'x10' vegetable garden, a pumpkin patch, a sunflower bed and a section dedicated to squash. These are all things I grew in the past but when I expanded my garden area last year I converted yard area into segments dedicated for specific things my family or I love. My grandson loves pumpkins, so I added a pumpkin patch. I really like squash, so I added an area just for different types of squash. The large garden area is where I moved all my peas, beans, cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, etc. I have a section near my strawberry patch for my pepper plants. My strawberry patch and pepper plant area are what used to be my fruit/vegetable garden area for the past 2-3 years.

This spring (2023) I plan to add several raised garden beds for root vegetables. Potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. I am also considering adding an outdoor greenhouse. I have one inside, but I think it is time to expand.

My favorite flower is a dahlia. The picture to the right is of my daughter and her two precious children (my grandchildren) all of whom I love dearly. They are holding dahlias that I grew in 2021.

The Founder and Her GranddaughterThis picture to the left is of me and my granddaughter who started third grade in the fall.

About i heart seeds

Two and a half years ago I was morbidly obese. I worked with a dietician and my family doctor as well as a specialist and other professionals to lose weight and get healthy.

I'm an emotional eater (or used to be). My dietician asked me to develop two hobbies that had nothing to do with food that I could do anywhere anytime when I felt bored, stressed, angry, etc. I resumed an old hobby and began using my creative artistic skills again. I'm an artist and have many creative skills. Drawing, painting, creative writing of stories and poetry, etc. I also developed a new hobby of seed trading.

Seed trading brings me a lot of joy. I trade the seeds I do not want for seeds I don't have or seeds I want more of. I find this to be fun and exciting. I've acquired a rainbow of tomatoes and peppers as well as many other flowers, fruits and vegetables by trading!

My office/plant nursery looks like a hoarders haven which is very different from the rest of my uncluttered home.

After taking up seed trading I joined many groups to learn more. The more I learned about seed trading, the more people I met from all over the states, and from other countries as well, to share and trade with. While in these groups I learned that many seed companies will donate free seed packets to different groups for various causes.

After learning that seed companies sometimes donate to good causes and pairing that with my strong desire to help those who are in need...i heart seeds was born. I applied for non profit status with the IRS and here we are.

We are a small group of volunteers. None of us get paid. This non profit has actually cost me quite a bit of money, but I don't mind. It's not about the cost it's about being kind and the reward of knowing I am helping people in my community who may not otherwise be able to grow their own healthy food.

I'm a strong believer in RAK (random acts of kindness). If you have ever worked on a road crew on a hot day in my area and had a stranger drop off a bag of cold water from the grocery store, that may have been me. If you were out walking in the rain or heat and a stranger picked you up and gave you a ride to where you needed to go, that may have been me. There isn't enough kindness in this world. I spread kindness wherever I can and seek out opportunities for RAK.

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